The HOPE Method Program

The Program in which you are enrolling includes the following:  

  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) - initial and re-test to evaluate toxic elements and mineral status.


  • Health Assessment and Symptom evaluation to determine the most appropriate lab test based on your personal goals and related symptoms or conditions.

  • Targeted Functional Medicine test based on client’s health assessment, symptoms, and specific health goals.

  • Diet and nutrition suggestions based on client’s test results (nutrient deficiencies or toxicities). 

  • Behavioral and lifestyle options to improve healthy habits, fitness, stress reduction, sleep hygiene, etc. 

  • Supplement*, herbal or nutraceutical suggestions based on lab results and individual needs.

  • One-on-one monthly virtual consultations (60 minutes/ea.) to review progress and support your lifestyle and wellness goals.

  • Symptom reassessment will occur each month after implementation of dietary modifications, supplements and/or detoxification protocols.


  • Access to private interactive online portal, where you can document your health, lifestyle behaviors, and nutrition while keeping track of your progress.

  • Updates to your personalized wellness plan as needed to establish long-term success.

  • Additional resource and informational handouts provided as appropriate.


  • Ongoing communication throughout the program via patient portal and group sessions.

  • Re-evaluation of initial test is recommended upon completion of your program (additional cost).


*Supplements, herbals or neutraceuticals are additional cost to client, as well as other lab tests (hormone, blood, saliva, urine, hair or stool) that may be recommended throughout the program, depending on progress and further discovery.  


NOTE: Program duration is 3 months.  Depending on lab test results (turn-around-time) may extend to 5 months. 

Maximum # of consults per program enrollment is five (5).

Lab Test Bundle Options: 

  • Nutrition, Metabolism, Energy and Toxic Elements (hair & urine): Low energy, fatigue, brain fog, mood disorders, weight issues? These symptoms could be due to vitamin, mineral or toxic element imbalances.


  • Food Inflammation or Sensitivity Test  (finger stick/blood): inflammation, allergies, auto-immune diseases


  • Hormone Imbalance (urine & saliva): PMS, PCOS, irregular cycle, peri/post-menopause


  • Adrenal Fatigue (urine & saliva): Stress, burnout, fatigue, lack energy, insomnia


  • GI- Gut symptoms- Chronic GI symptoms (stool): gas, bloating, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, infections or inflammation, dysbiosis, malabsorption, acid reflux. 

 Program Pricing:

  • $1,520 or $506.67/month x 3 months

  • Pay in Full and receive 10% discount - $1,368