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The HOPE Method Program

The HOPE Method 3 month Program Includes:

  • Onboarding 1:1 Comprehensive Case Review

  • Five (5) One-on-one monthly virtual consultations (30 minutes/each)

  • Hair Tissue & Mineral Analysis (HTMA) lab test

  • Health Assessment Questionnaire

  • One (1) Targeted Functional Medicine test

  • Personalized nutrition suggestions

  • Healthy behavior and lifestyle options to support individual's needs and goals

  • Supplement, herbal or nutraceutical suggestions

  • Five (5) One-on-one monthly virtual consultations (30 minutes)

  • Monthly symptom reassessment and review of Wellness Program

  • Weekly client-coach "Check-ins"

  • Access to my interactive online private portal

  • Updates to your personalized wellness plan as needed to establish long-term success

  • Additional resource and informational handouts provided as appropriate

  • Ongoing communication throughout the program via patient portal

  • Retesting the initial lab (saliva, urine, hair, stool, etc.) is strongly encouraged upon completion of the program. Additional lab tests may also be recommended throughout the program depending on progress or further discovery. 


  • Retest lab kits are an additional cost to the client. 

  • Costs vary for each lab test kit.

  • Supplements and/or nutraceuticals are additional costs to clients.

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