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"I understand there is no magic pill to treat symptoms or diseases. What works for some, may cause harm to others. I'm passionate about helping people identify the root causes of their symptoms, unravel their origins, and then use them to optimize their health and quality of life."

Dr. Judy Magalhaes 



Dr. Judy's help and advice have definitely improved the quality of my health and life as I continue to progress through      my senior years.   


     William B.    

I recommend Dr. Judy to everyone who wants to feel healthier, both mentally and physically.

Marilyn W.

I am so grateful to Dr. Judy for helping me resolve my GI symptoms and getting me to better health. The personal attention that I received made me feel like she really cared and was very concerned for m


Charles M

Dr. Judy Magalhaes is a most caring, compassionate teacher of healthy life choices.


  Bonnie E.


More medications were doled out to control symptoms and a “prescribing cascade” ensued. This resulted in elevating risks of adverse effects, drug interactions, toxicities, and nutrient deficiencies. 


I watched people take excess medications and yet they remained ill. I knew there was a better way.


Holistic Options & Personal Empowerment, LLC.

 Tel: 516-900-HOPE (4673)

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